The injury that ended my college athletic career explained!

The last time I competed was in spring of 2016, during our conference championship meet I tore my upper right hamstring. I was a long/triple jumper, during that year I dealt with a lower hamstring injury I suffered in October, the whole season I was in and out of the lineup, I’d constantly aggravate it.Continue reading “The injury that ended my college athletic career explained!”

Target fat loss? Don't fall for it!

This is going to be short and sweet. So you want to lose fat around your midsection, arms, legs, or a specific area on your body. How can you target that specific area? What workouts can you do to target that area? Before we answer those questions make sure to follow me on instagram atContinue reading “Target fat loss? Don't fall for it!”

Offseason Fitness Advice for Athletes, Your Questions Answered

    Ok! So this is something I’ve been wanting to write up for a while now. Each day I get at least one message from those who follow me on Instagram @athletic_education or happen to come across one of my videos. Majority of the questions I get have to do with how to prepare for theContinue reading “Offseason Fitness Advice for Athletes, Your Questions Answered”

Helping you achieve your fitness and athletic goals is my pleasure.

Man it’s been a while since I posted! I recently moved to Paris for graduate school, so I’ve been very busy. However, I want to post at least once a week, starting this week.  Now let’s get to it. Today I want to talk about why I created this blog and why I think IContinue reading “Helping you achieve your fitness and athletic goals is my pleasure.”

Do what you enjoy when it comes to fitness

I often get asked, “what’s should I be doing to get in shape?” by some of the clients I’ve gained through my Instagram @athletic_education. My first question is “what are you looking to gain?” All of clients, although a very small amount want to get stronger and get better in their sport. There is aContinue reading “Do what you enjoy when it comes to fitness”

Want to break your plateau? Try a deload week.

For someone who first began doing push-ups and crunches in the fourth grade because he thought it would make the girls like him more, I know all about plateaus. If you’re really into fitness or athletic training then you also know about plateaus. Since the day I began working out at home in the fourthContinue reading “Want to break your plateau? Try a deload week.”

Building strength in the weight room

When it comes to weight lifting you have to ask yourself a simple question. What do I hope to accomplish from lifting? There are many different types of lifting methods to get you different results, however, one thing is always consistent when it comes to lifting weights, and that is you build strength from it.Continue reading “Building strength in the weight room”

Fat loss, Abs, Summer body??

This particular post is more about fitness than athletics, but fitness and athletics go hand in hand. I actually have a bone to pick with people throwing out core workouts telling people they’ll get abs in 30 days. Is it possible to get abs in 30 days? Yes it is. If you know about fitnessContinue reading “Fat loss, Abs, Summer body??”

Building your base as an athlete

When it comes to training a lot of athletes jump right into a program they found online, majority of the time these programs don’t offer any advice in terms of building a base. The problem with going right into a program without first building up to it is that often times you will get injured,Continue reading “Building your base as an athlete”

My start as an athlete part 4

Follow my instagram @athletic_education for videos of my workouts. Upon the completion of my junior year, I really began focusing on Long and triple jump over the summer. I began training on my own for the following year. I wish I knew more about training then, however I did the best I could with theContinue reading “My start as an athlete part 4”