The Purpose of my athletic page

Why did I creating this website? My goal in creating this website is to educate athletes of any age through the trainings I have been through and the knowledge I have gathered over the last decade. I remember throughout high school I would always look online for a week by week program. However, I couldContinue reading “The Purpose of my athletic page”

My Start as an Athlete Part 2

I finished my last post talking about my experience as a freshman in high school playing volleyball. The only thing I discovered playing volleyball was that I jumped higher than everyone else, being an above average jumper would change my course in athletics forever, but I didn’t know it at the time. I finished theContinue reading “My Start as an Athlete Part 2”

My Start as an Athlete

I remember when I first got into sports in the seventh grade, I had no idea that taking that first step would change my life forever and start a passion I hold very dear till this day. I also did not know what it meant to be an athlete and how hard it was. IContinue reading “My Start as an Athlete”