My workouts will keep you guessing, they range from the weight room, the track, hill workouts, plyometrics, and pool workouts.

Athletic Program

The athletic program is focused on athletes of all and any age, the program is tailored specifically to the athlete. That means if you are a sprinter wanting to get faster, that is what your training will be focused on. If you are a basketball player wanting to jump higher, that is what the your training will be focused on. The program has a general focus, getting stronger in the weight room, injury prevention, flexibility, core strength and stability. As an athlete you want to be the best and surpass your competition, my motto ever since I started sports has been “to be the best you must practice like the best, to be beat the best you must practice like the best” your program will have you training to be the best you.

Athletic Program$25

Fitness Program

The fitness program will be specifically tairlored to your goals. Whether you are looking to get in shape, trim down, or prepare for a 5k the program will do just that. Your program will have you challenging yourself each week, the program will implement “progressive overload” this means that each week your workload will increase in some way, whether it is adding a new exercise, adding more weight, or adding to the set/rep scheme. This will allow you to see continuous results in both your physique and performance.

Fitness Program$20

I will be available anytime to speak with you, I will answer any questions or concerns you have. If you feel as though there needs to be any changes, the changes will be made as soon as you communicate them to me. I want to work along side you to bring you the best results.

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